About Tobago

Why Tobago?

Tobago has so much to offer, one of the best things is that it is perfect for the budget minded traveler. You might ask how so? Tobago’s extremely affordable! The current rate of exchange is $1.00 US = $6.00 TT, now that’s amazing! Commercial islands cannot compete with Tobago especially budget wise. Tobago has beautiful white sand beaches and clear turquoise water that will astonish anyone. Tobago is also known for its numerous water activities that will satisfy your island cravings like; scuba diving at Buccoo Reef, fishing at multiple locations in Tobago, sailing the sea, snorkeling at the Nylon Pool, parasailing, wake-boarding, water-skiing, banana boat rides, surfing, and jet skiing! Also be sure to arrange a ride on a traditional glass bottom boat so you can see the beautiful fish and coral under the sea. There are also several activities for land lovers like golfing at the Mount Irvine Bay Golf Course and Tobago Plantations Beach and Golf Resort. Want to connect with nature? Look into horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, and bird watching. Still not interested? Well you can always lounge on the beach and read a book while having a nice refreshing coconut. Tobago has so much to offer! Book your stay now and experience the laid-back stress free island lifestyle.

History & Culture 

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is located in the south region of the Caribbean, lying just off the NE coast of Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles. Tobago is 21 miles NE of Trinidad. Tobago is 26 miles long and 7 miles wide. It is 116 sq. miles (300 sq. km) in area. Initially the Spanish colonized Trinidad and Tobago; however, in the 19th century the British took over control of the islands. Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most prosperous and industrialized nations in the Caribbean, mainly due to the high production of petroleum and natural gas that boosts the nation’s economy. The country also produces citrus, tropical fruit, and cocoa. The two islands Trinidad and Tobago became a single colony in 1888. Trinidad and Tobago accomplished full independence in 1962 and joined the British Commonwealth. The islands became a republic in 1976.The Port is located in Tobago’s capital: Scarborough, where a ferry service can be used to bridge the gap between Trinidad and Tobago. The A.N.R Robinson International Airport is only 13 km (8 miles) from Scarborough. Flights take no more than 20 minutes between the two islands. The population of Tobago is approximately 54,000. Tobago’s weather has a relative humidity and a tropical climate. There are two seasons, a wet (rainy) and dry season. The Dry season is from Jan to May (off peak) and the wet season is from May to December (Peak).Currently the people of Trinidad and Tobago share a mix of races, religion, class and culture. People of Trinidad and Tobago range from various heritages from Africans to East Indians, Amerindians, British, Spanish, French, Syrians, Portuguese, and Chinese – all live in harmony. Locals come together annually to celebrate Carnival a street festival known to them as the greatest show on earth.The official currency used in the islands is the Trinidad and Tobago Dollar. The US Dollar is also accepted as well as most major credit cards. The exchange rate approximately US$ 1.00 = TT$ 6.00. Travelers wishing to vacation in Trinidad and Tobago need a valid passport. Visas are not needed for North American, UK and most European and Commonwealth Citizens, except for Australia, India, Nigeria, Uganda, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, and Tanzania.